Since it is near Year end, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support throughout this difficult year.

Our business has been a challenge, our health endangered but today is a day to raise our glass to everyone of you – our dearest clients, customers, fans and friends of Lammershoek – and toast to a challenging 2021 and to you who supported us by buying, selling or drinking our wines!

The farm is looking at its best, although slowly the intense green and lush colours are fading to the brown or golden and dry Swartland as we know it. Our crop is coming along beautifully due to nice rains and a dam full of water.

Our veggies are flourishing and our cellar is meticulous and ready for harvest, although we are facing quite some challenges as it is still too full to take in everything we could harvest.

We have celebrated some beautiful Braai and Wine events this year and the last one is still to come.

We have launched our new Reserve Range and are so grateful for the quality of these amazing wines.

Our Innocent Range is sold all over the country on the Farmers wines shelves at OK markets.

Some of our wines are now to be found and enjoyed all over the Kruger Park lodges – so you can enjoy a nice and chilled glass of Lammershoek after a great game drive in quite some places.

We are thankful for all our workers and everyone living and working on the farm.

Only recently our dear John was awarded with a Best Drivers award and Pedro and the cellar team entered in some more winemaking related trainings succeeding with honour role.

Last but not least we are thankful we made it through this year coming out healthy!

All the best
your Lammershoek team