The Innocent Pinotage 2017


Farmed dry-land thus no irrigation. There are two bush vine Pinotage vineyards; the youngest is 21 and the oldest 42 years of age. Obvious fruit is dominant on both taste and nose. Huge crunchy acidity is well balanced by the perception of sweet fruit. The wine lasts forever in your glass and even though it is made to mimic certain Beaujolais-style wines, this wine still speaks of Pinotage. The grapes were harvested by hand in small 15kg lug boxes in the early morning. The bunches were roughly sorted and anything under-ripe berries removed. A combination of whole bunch and de-stemmed crushed berry fermentation was carried out in large open concrete fermentation tanks. The wine was pressed earlier on before the end of fermentation. Fermentation was completed in close concrete tanks and underwent a further 10 month aging process in these tanks



COLOUR: Bright Ruby Red
NOSE: Cherries, plums, blueberries and undertones of spice
PALATE: Blackcurrants, raspberry and hints of spice
GRAPES: 100 % Pinotage
ANALYSIS: Alcohol: 12,17% Residual Sugar 2,3g/l PH: 3.69  Acidity: 5.5 g/l