Mysteries Die Swart Strooi 2015


Farmed dry-land, thus not irrigated. There are two different blocks on the property. Half of the grapes were fully and the other half partially destemmed. Fermented naturally in 500l fermenters and aged for 10 months in an old 500l French oak barrel. Fermentation stop naturally leaves this wine with adequate sugar levels balanced with a good acidity.



COLOUR: Dark red
NOSE: Raspberry, cherry, strawberry and a hint of dark chocolate PALATE:
Structured palate with lovely acidity, juicy and full with a delicious mouthfeel, wellbalanced with no burning sensation
GRAPES: 100% Syrah
ANALYSIS: Alcohol: 13.83 % Residual Sugar: 1.4g/l
PH: 3.86 Total Acidity: 5.8g/l