Mysteries Die Harde Blaar 2016


Farmed dry-land, thus not irrigated. With only 2 HA of Harslevelu on the farm we produce a limited amount of this special wine. The grapes were handpicked early morning and cooled overnight. The whole bunches were pressed in a basket press. A portion of the juice was left on the skins to build on the complexity and mouthfeel of the wine. The wine fermented naturally and no stabilization was done on the wine. Bottled after 8 months of aging.


Product Description

COLOUR: Lime green with a golden edge
NOSE: Beautiful floral notes with elderflower being prominent, hints of spice with nutty notes.
PALATE: Sophisticated palate with a refreshing mouthfeel, notes of honey, peaches and spice
GRAPES: 100% Hárslevelü
ANALYSIS: Alcohol: 12 %  Residual Sugar: 1.g/l
PH: 3.17 Total Acidity: 6.8 g/l