Our People

All three investors and management staff take great pleasure and pride in the continuous development of their staff, from wine courses for cellar staff to the positive development of staff accommodation and our surroundings. We have 30 permanent employees all living on Lammershoek some for several generations of families with 15 families all calling Lammershoek there home. Kids get taken to the local School every morning and are very much part of the friendly atmosphere and Lammershoek “feel”. Farm Manager Marius Kotze makes every effort to educate his team on the importance of looking after Lammershoek.

Franz Beckenbauer also prides himself in actually greeting and working with the staff members who all live on the farm and is often seen walking with them discussing farm activities.

Focus and instructions are clear look after our farm, people and nature. We very proud of this philosophy and pride ourselves in “living close to nature”