The world seems to be completely dominated by the pandemic and South Africa is on day 387 of lockdown but as we are on level 1 at the moment and people are fed up with bad news – if it wasn’t for the masks people wear in public you wouldn’t think we were in lockdown at all.

On Lammershoek we are busy tending to our young wines – racking, stabilising, analysing – so far we are more than happy and are really excited to get this extraordinary vintage of our great quality wines into bottle.
Slowly you can see that winter is approaching although temperatures make it hard to believe. The past week we had an average temperature of 35 °C and the hot winds sometimes felt like a blow dryer in your face when walking the vineyards.
But still the vines have their autumn colours and are slowly letting go of the leaves – ready to go into their well deserved winter rest. Our farm workers therefore are busy working on the contours, cutting out alien plants and creating pathways for the expected rain to run into our dam smoothly.
Our veggie garden is neatened up and planted with winter crop – hopefully we will again have a lot of delicious organically farmed veggies for our community and a few restaurants.
Beloved donkey Dora gave us a fright this week when all of a sudden she was coughing and struggling to breathe properly – when finally the vet came out to see her he found out that she was devouring the acorns of our old Oak tree – but they got stuck somehow and she couldn’t get them out anymore…
Although it is not the most beautiful time one the farm as it is dry and brown and not much is in blossom the sunsets are almost magical at the moment.
Especially when you drive towards the farm in the early morning – it will take your breath away!